Reflection 4

This book was amazing to read, this book has expanded by mind and vocabulary. The whole time I have been reading this every page I read each page has kept me on my toes. there are so many questions that run through my head within each chapter. I was more than surprised when Maddy’s mum lied for 17 years, if I was in her position I would probably leave the house, I would be very mad and disappointed that the one person I thought that loved me the most. Which at the start she was so generous and looked like she put her whole life towards Maddy’s. Which I feel terrible that Maddy has wasted her whole life and now after 17 years she finally can go free. But without thinking that Maddy had the disease Olly could’ve given up on Maddy but when he found out she kept wanting to find more.

Lit circles was very interesting, it was so fun to find out other people looked at any activities, doing the activities has made me think more about the book and again expanded my imagination more and more each chapter I read. I really would recommend the book as it was so incredible to read each week which it was a mystery and made you think a lot. But maybe not because the movie is coming out and most people will watch it or if they don’t people will probably spoil it which is very devastating but other wise the book was really fun to read and I wish it could stay on.

Reflection 3

OMG, this book is getting deeper and deeper, and expanding my mind. I actually can’t believe what risk Maddy has taken. At the start of this book I was expecting her to leave but to be honest I don’t really think she has thought this really through. Right now she  has her life on the line and anytime soon she could just breathed her last breath for good not knowing anything at the time. But I do know that all she is doing is living her life to the fullest after the 18 years she has finally decided that it’s time to go on and actually live. Which if I was in her place at the time I would probably go outside and risk my whole life just for a boy, but if Olly was the right boy he is the right boy and you can’t stop love. Which maybe it was a good thing Olly left as Olly was going through a very tough time and maybe this journey with Maddy will do Olly good. So he will forget everything that happened with his Father. Which hopefully everything for Maddy and Olly will turn out ok for both of them. I can’t wait to see if Maddy really survives and if Maddys mum will really come and try and find her. I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for them both.

Week 3- Coat of arms

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Coat of Arms

  1. I drew a picture of the world with a 2 little dots in the middle of the world. Which all of these represents Maddy’s world. The 2 little dots are Maddy at the moment her life is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. At first Maddy just sat in her plain white house, she then started speaking to Olly which represents the first dot. Then all of a sudden she is out in the open with no experience only Olly’s and her life is really on the line. Which I have only drew 2 dots as right now that’s as far as she has got, there may be more dots to show the rest of her life. But there may only be 2 dots and we don’t if there is going to be a future for Maddy from what decision and journey she has taken on board, but Maddy has decided to go for it.


  1. I drew a timer to with fresh sand slowly falling throw the glass. I drew this because at the start of Maddys life the timer was full of sand up the top which every step or risk she takes more sand falls done. Which the means that the risk or time of her life can never be taken back. Which in my drawing some of the sand has fallen showing when she has breaken out of her little bubble and has decided to go on and live her life, and the rest of the sand that has not fallen is the rest of her life to live. Which hopefully that’s not all of the sand that falls and there is a lot more that hold for Maddy and maybe Olly which there is a future for both of them


  1. I drew a plain book, but not just a plain book, the book as splashes of colour coming out of it. Which books are just pieces of white paper with black words on it. No colour what so ever. But in Maddys house there is no colour, just white walls, which books are the one thing that fill Maddy’s life with joy. Books seem so boring but inside there is so much colour as they fill maddy with happiness and joy. Which books is the only thing that Maddy has contact with the outside world not including her laptop. Which books is the item that lets her live her life with power and books make her become stronger than she is.


  1. I drew book shelves with all her colourful books, the rest I left the drawing white because her whole house has really no colour it’s just white. Which Maddys white house is a way of her living her life clean and disinfected, which the white house helps her feel clean and keeps her away from getting sick, but she feels like it time to break that and takes the biggest risk she could ever take. Leaving her house with no help from her mum, I am not sure how far she is going to go but all I know is that she has spent to long in her boring white house and has had enough which she needs to get out.

Reflection 2

This book is getting and better by the minute, every page I read the more emotions rushes through my body. I was completely shocked with what happened with Olly and Maddy, at first I was worried with them just being in the same room together but when they kissed I was mind blown. After I have just read this I had no idea what the rest of the book holds for Olly and Maddy. It definitely is a lot different compared to last week, at one moment they were just allowed to speak to each other and now all of a sudden they just breathed in the same air. But I am so upset Carla is gone for good, which to me it was Carla’s fault. Carla was the one who opened the doors for Olly and Maddy but really she was only helping Maddy live her life with a big possible risk.  I have no clue what Maddy will do know, Carla was the main person in her life who truely cared and helped her through every little situation she had to go through. So far Maddy is my favourite, she is a very big risk taker,  after 18 years she has finally taken the biggest risk and puts her life on the line just for Olly. This just shows how important love really is. I just can’t wait for what the books holds for Maddy and hopefully Carla comes back and that will definitely make me happy, I can’t wait to read more and see what the future is for Maddy.

Review week 1

You really don’t know how incredible this book really is, everything, everything fills and lifts my imagination to a whole new level. The wonderings I think while reading this book, the words they use actually feel like I am in the book. Which most of the time I want to just jump in and save Maddy from what is happening to her. I couldn’t imagine just living in my house for 18 years and not going anywhere, or not even socialising with absolutely anyone. I am so surprised that she hasn’t done anything for 18 years but even if she stays in her house for her whole life, I’m sure Maddy will be fine because Olly, Carla and her mum is always there for her no matter what.Olly is the nicest person, I love him he is the one who is always there for Maddy when she is lonely and he is always up for a chat. At the end of the last chapter I read I was so happy that Carla let Maddy see Olly, I was waiting forever and I was so happy when it finally happened. But I am still worried that someone terrible could happen as this is a big risk but a risk Maddy is willing to take to see Olly. I just can’t wait to see what the outcome is in the next chapter.